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OOOOH fuck ya bud

This disgusting facebook page took photos from my best friend’s facebook page and posted them to play the “smash or pass” game.

She just graduated from Parris Island as a US Marine, and is about to leave for training Monday. These photos were posted without her consent, and she tried to report it but facebook told her they couldn’t do anything about it.

She also tried to private message the page and ask for the photos to be removed, because she can get into huge trouble with the Marines for this. The page messaged her back and made fun of her, then proceeded to post a screen shot of the conversation.

And, as you can see from some of the comments, they were being extremely vulgar and outright disgusting about her photos. One of the comments said something about how they would rape her, and smash over and over again until she was unconscious. They also post other pictures of females, and make fun of them. They are an extremely misogynistic group and I would like to ask everyone to please take the time and report the page. If you’d like, you can scroll down to find the post about my friend and report that specifically, but this page is disgusting and should be taken care of.

Please, and thank you.

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    As much as it sucks that her pictures are up on that page w/o her permission and that people are saying nasty rude...
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    Page is unavailable. It sounds like the protest worked
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